How I Hacked Dutch Government in 5 Minutes? Twitter Account Takeover


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Sep 11, 2019
Greets to researchers!
After a while, I have decided to publish a writeup about how I 'ethically' hacked Dutch government. A month ago, I have reported 2 valid security vulnerabilities to NCSC and vulnerabilities has been resolved. And thanks NCSC for awesome swag, I was waiting this for a long time. Let me tell you details:

1) Twitter Account Takeover of Ambassadors & Embassies
I was just looking for subdomains of and in one of this subdomain, there was a linked website. This linked website was about all social media accounts of Dutch government. I have just checked all accounts and I saw that some accounts are not exist in Twitter. Bum! :) I have registered Twitter and got those usernames.


I have sent email to [email protected]

After 5 hours of reporting, NCSC confirmed my vulnerability:


And today, I got my swag:


This security issue has been fixed.
2) Reflected XSS Vulnerability
I have reported reflected xss vulnerability, it is confirmed but not fixed yet, so I am not writing about it.

Dutch government and people really care about cyber security. At this point, I acknowledge them and I believe that cybersecurity center of world will be Netherlands, I believe. Nowadays, the wars are on cyber world, some states has recognized this and taking actions. Hope to see this determination in all states.

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